John Workman, owner of Cavan Hills Creations, has a passion for bringing antiques back to life by combining the craftmanship of the past with modern design and function.

Cavan Hills Creations was inspired by the lasting beauty and workmanship of historical items. John appreciates the intricate form and function of early industrial pieces, and the level of craftmanship and detail that went into every item. From ornate cast-iron sewing machine tables, to steam powered engines, certain components of the past were just made better!

John spends hours removing rust, fixing wear and tear, and piecing together old relics to create new and functional art pieces. Breathing new life into these artifacts is John’s passion and each piece inspires even more creativity.

Visit the Works today to see these incredible pieces of art, or speak to us about an idea you’d like Cavan Hills Creations to create specially for your home.