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Chalk Therapy

Chalk Therapy refinishes, redesigns, and upcycles old, vintage and antique furniture to breath new life to forgotten furniture. Whether you’ve got an item you want to refresh, you’re looking for a new item for your home or you want to learn painting techniques yourself, we can help you find what you’re looking for. Stop by the Works to view our current projects and finished pieces and choose your paint for your next DIY project!

Little Miss Knotty

Jenn Groombridge, Owner at Little Miss Knotty works in Peterborough and handcrafts unique wood products including cutting and serving boards, furniture, home décor pieces and more. One of her greatest pleasures in working with wood is uncovering the beauty inside that others might miss. Jenn is focused on sustainability and loves to give new life to fallen trees. She has a unique ability to visualize the potential of each piece, and knows it’s all about seeing things in a different way.

Jenn works with clients to bring their ideas to life and loves to create one-of-a-kind decor to bring a piece of nature into your home.

Visit Electric City Works today to explore these incredible designs from Little Miss Knotty.

South Bay Marketing and Events

Kim Cranfield, Owner of South Bay Marketing and Events has been in the Kawartha Lakes area making connections and working with local businesses since 2013. Specializing in the Ontario Craft Beer industry, she established the Kawartha Craft Beer Festival in 2015 while working as the Marketing Director for the largest craft brewery in the region.

Kim has launched South Bay to expand her services to include marketing, copywriting, and event management to help a wider range of businesses in the area. Having worked with many start-ups and small businesses, she has had a chance to experience a wide range of marketing-related duties, and makes it her job to think of every last detail so there’s a plan for success. She hopes to contribute to the city by helping businesses grow and expand in the area, and by creating memorable, impactful events that showcase the Kawarthas.

Fresh Essences

Fresh Essences believes in fresh, handmade and less chemicals. Owner Roxanne takes this approach in creating amazing bath and body products. Not just bath bombs, Roxanne creates small batch bath and body products as well as supplies to get you started in your own DIY projects. Check out her shop for sugar scrubs, artisan soaps, lotions, body butters, shower steamers, bubble bars, and insect repellent. New products and holiday themed items are always being added, so check back into the Works often.

Victoria Rose Collection

Victoria Rose Collection offers a beautiful line of handcrafted sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. All jewelry is crafted using only the finest gemstones, crystals and precious metals and each piece is made with care and special attention to detail. From designing and crafting the jewelry to packaging and shipping, Emily Victoria Rose is passionate about every part of her business and her customers.

The Rebel Crafter

This is not your grandmother’s china. Heidi, “The Rebel Crafter”, repurposes vintage dinnerware and gives it a touch of whit and whimsy. Fueled by coffee and diet coke, she spends her weekends scouring antique shops for great pieces in need of a pick-me-up. Her decorative plates feature lovely flowers, gold details, sarcastic sayings, and bad words, perfect for the domestic goddess that’s both classy and sassy. Who said china has to be charming?

Kawartha Design Co

Kawartha Design Co brings you unique, handcrafted home decor and creates inspired pieces that you’ll not only love but feel connected to. One of Nikki’s favourite parts of her journey is creating pieces for your home and the big moments in your life. Stop by the Works to shop Kawartha Design Co’s unique products and learn about custom options.

Branded Heron Leatherworks

The feel, smell & natural beauty of leather as it draws in and wears the life surrounding it is truly unique. This is why leather stands the test of time. At Branded Heron Leatherworks we know the only limit to what can be done with leather is imagination. Each piece is crafted by hand and will certainly become a one of a kind item. Stop by The Works to view the rustic, rugged and unique leather goods.  #leathermakesitbetter

Kennedy Taylor Ink

Kennedy Taylor Ink will catch your eye as soon as you enter Electric City Works! Not only are her paintings beautifully vibrant and bold, but her technique is one of the most intriguing to watch. Kennedy Taylor Ink specializes in working with alcohol ink, which can only be manipulated with blasts of air. To create her one of a kind designs, she uses bold colours and manipulates each colour of the ink layer by layer with an air compressor to achieve the final product. Using several different mediums, Kennedy creates stunningly abstract designs on glass, canvas, home decor pieces, coasters and more. Stop by The Works to watch this talented artist create her beautiful works of art.


Owned by Nicole Hederson, 2needlesandahook creates handmade knitted and crocheted goods, making everything from macramé plant hangers to hats, scarves, dishcloths and more. Nicole finds the rhythm of knitting to be very peaceful and can often be found working on projects at Electric City Works. Stop in today to browse her incredible display, learn more about her process or request a custom piece. With new items coming in weekly, there is always something new to discover!

Claudia MacDonald Art

Claudia MacDonald is a self-taught acrylic landscape painter who is inspired by the outdoors and brilliantly captures the smallest details created through the light and contrast of nature. Through her painting, she hopes to share her love for art, her passion for creating uplifting and inspiring sceneries, and to create a sense of peace. These incredible paintings must be seen in person to take in all of the detail captured in each landscape. Visit the Works today and feel inspired by the beauty of these unique pieces.

AM 823

If you can think it, they can create it.  This couldn’t be more true for our new newest makers at the Works, Alan Burke and Melissa Shepski, owners of AM 823! This duo sees potential in everyday things and loves creating and building, especially using reclaimed wood and metal. From tables and chairs, to jewelry, to home décor, to something you haven’t even thought of yet, Alan and Melissa can make it happen. These artists always have a cool project on the go and we know their incredible pieces are going to be snatched up quickly. So stop by the Works today to see these one of a kind designs and chat with them about a truly custom piece for your home!

Kawartha General Store

The Kawartha General Store was created through a passion for the unique and wild landscape of the Kawarthas, a passion that is reflected in each of the products from this exciting new maker! Owners, Peter and Lindsay Stephenson live, work, and cottage in the Kawarthas and love to spend time exploring everything the area has to offer. They’ve created beautiful designs that let their customers share in their passion for the Kawarthas, all while giving back in a big way. The Kawartha General Store is committed to preserving the land they love so much and donate a portion of every purchase directly to the Kawartha Land Trust. This donation helps to conserve the natural environment and enhance the quality of life in the Kawarthas.

Visit The Works today to check out the beautiful mugs, shirts, pins and patches from this exciting new maker, and help to support and protect this beautiful land that we call home!

The Willson Wagon

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest vendor The Willson Wagon to Electric City Works! The Willson Wagon creates hand crafted and curated play-dough Doughscovery Kits, themed sensory bins, and more!

Their soft play-dough is created using pantry ingredients and can be customized by colour and scent while their hand dyed sensory bin fillers are fun vibrant colours, inspiring imaginative play and hours of engaging entertainment.

Owner of The Willson Wagon, Emiline, knows it’s hard juggling work and quality time and their Doughscovery Sensory Kits will give your kids hours of developmental, engaged entertainment. All you have to do is choose to play, have that second cup of coffee, or both!

Visit Electric City Works today to take a look at these kit options and keep an eye out for new kits and products as they get added weekly!

Cavan Hills Creations

John Workman, owner of Cavan Hills Creations, has a passion for bringing antiques back to life by combining the craftmanship of the past with modern design and function.

Cavan Hills Creations was inspired by the lasting beauty and workmanship of historical items. John appreciates the intricate form and function of early industrial pieces, and the level of craftmanship and detail that went into every item. From ornate cast-iron sewing machine tables, to steam powered engines, certain components of the past were just made better!

John spends hours removing rust, fixing wear and tear, and piecing together old relics to create new and functional art pieces. Breathing new life into these artifacts is John’s passion and each piece inspires even more creativity.

Visit the Works today to see these incredible pieces of art, or speak to us about an idea you’d like Cavan Hills Creations to create specially for your home.


With a background in Environment Sciences, our newest maker, Jess Dunlop of Coppers, believes in curbing excessive production of new materials and repurposing existing ones. This led her to up-cycling pennies into unique hand-crafted jewelry.

Jess loves working with copper as it’s durable, earthy and has many properties that support the immune system. Her process includes doming, cleaning and painting the pennies into a variety of colours and protects them with non-toxic wax and sealants.

With this unique medium, Jess creates pins, necklaces and earrings that come in a range of styles and colours and can be easily paired.

Come to the Works today to check out these unique and meaningful pieces that will give a sense of pride to any local. Requests can be made for specific styles, as well as birth years for your one of a kind piece.


Our newest maker, Abby McKinnon, (known as @flowartisan on Instagram) is a Peterborough based acrylic and resin artist. Abby has always had an eye for painting and has been discovering herself as a creative artist her entire life. She found her love for acrylic flow paintings in 2019 and has been honing her skills in this medium ever since.

Abby primarily works in fluid art, but challenges her artistic boundaries by experimenting in other mediums such as minimalist tattoo design, prints and digital artwork. Inspired by the outdoors, Abby recreates diverse geode, marble and oceanic flow acrylic pieces to spice up any bare wall.

Visit the Works today to see these one of a kind pieces.

Gale Handmade

Brooklynne Melburn, the creator of Gale Handmade, comes from a family of makers and takes pride in building, repairing and improving anything she can get her hands on. Her natural ability to see the potential in everyday objects adds to the creativity and uniqueness of each of her jewellery designs.

Her Indigenous roots play a role in all of her designs through the juxtaposition between organic aspects of the natural world and the rules and order of rigid forms. This connection to her home in the Canadian shield, along with her traditional roots, make for incredibly intricate and beautiful designs.

Brooklynne continues to experiment with materials and techniques to push her own creative boundaries by creating pieces with practical function while maintaining a distinctive aesthetic. Visit Electric City Works to view these incredible pieces from Gale Handmade today!

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